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Here's the start of Alexis' college entrance essay (class of 2021). She had help from the College Essay Doc.

I remember when I was five years old, sitting on my dad's lap, while he drove our forklift on the street. The forklift, a huge structure compared to my five-year old self, made abrupt sounds at the push of the gas pedal; cars passed us by, the wind hit our faces and kept us cool on that hot day. The roaring sound of the forklift was the first sound of business I remember. The sound put a smile on my face that stretched ear to ear. 


My parents are entrepreneurs and started a scrap metal business where we buy and sell metals. It’s inspiring for me to watch as the employees take apart air conditioners, run excavators, and load big Mac trucks. While it is hard work, the employees are satisfied with what they do because they know they are valued by my family....  

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