It's College Entrance Essay Time!

1) Brainstorming

Each of the first five workshops starts with a writing prompt or an exercise to help your junior or senior:

  • Articulate the values he or she holds

  • Drum up memories of key events in his or her life

  • Find a transformative story that shows a pattern of growth

  • Describe symbolic objects that represent significant elements of his or her life

  • Explore significant relationships that led to personal growth and development

3) Writing

Your child will spend about 40 minutes of every workshop writing. Computers are required for the workshop, and we use Google Documents for ease of sharing and working together on the same document. 

2) Storytelling

After the exercise, your high school student will write a draft of the story inspired by the values, memories, or objects brought to mind. We will explore the elements of good storytelling. We will discuss options to start the story, the overall narrative arc of every good story, what makes for good opening lines, and techniques to incorporate important values and moments of growth in your child’s narrative.

4) Perfecting

After several meetings, your child and the Essay Doc will review the essays your child has drafted. They will choose the one that best depicts the values, traits, and interests not already featured in other parts of your child’s application. The Essay Doc and your child will then start the final editing process on the final essay. The final meetings perfect the grammar, syntax, and word choices of your child’s essay. By the final session, your child will have created one perfected College Entrance Essay and several drafts of potential supplemental essays.