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Here's the start of Emma's college entrance essay (class of 2021). She had help from the College Essay Doc.

Growing up,  my favorite movie was Coraline. The main character, Coraline, finds a doll on her doorstep that looks exactly like her. As I started my final year of high school,  I decided I wanted to make a doll that looks like me, just like in Coraline. I made a list of materials I would need: buttons, fabric, and yarn. As I walked through the craft store looking for the materials, it reminded me of my freshman year. 


We had just moved from Maine to Florida, and I had started high school without any idea about who I was going to be. I remembered feeling like a blank canvas; how did I want to look? How did I want to speak? Who would I be friends with? I felt as though I could make myself into anyone....

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