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Where to Apply?

More important than the name or fame of a particular college is its fit. Is it the right fit for you? Do you have an academic interest? If so, that's your primary consideration. Sports? Be sure to check out your potential school's intramural program. If you're not sure about academics or sports, no fear. You have many other preferences you should keep in mind. Do you prefer a city school or one in a more rural setting? Do you like the change of seasons or are you a warm weather aficionado? Big school or small? Tight on money? Look into community colleges; they're usually the best bang for your buck (as long as you're okay without much of the typical college life that comes with living in dorms and eating in cafeterias). 

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The Best College Reviews

Check out this link to The Best College Reviews. It provides input from students and it categorizes the colleges by discipline. 

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The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review site has untold resources for just about any question you might have about finding the right college. It also offers test prep and a list of admissions experts. Well worth a visit!

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College Consensus

The College Consensus site offers rankings based on many considerations.  Want an urban setting? Find the highest ranked urban school. Want to study the Liberal Arts? Find the highest ranked school in your particular area of interest. .

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