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Sports Resumes

If you are a high school athlete who aspires to play at a collegiate level, your sports resume is a crucial part of your application process. We will help you to create a professional looking product that highlights your best qualities and draws attention to your skills and abilities. 

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What You've Done

You've gotten this far. You've worked hard and sacrificed hours of fun in order to perform at your highest level. How will you present yourself to your potential coaches? Let us help.

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We Guide You Through

We make sure you include the right stats in your resume, use the strongest verbs and word choices, and articulate your story as an athlete. 


Looking Good!

We offer several templates, based partly on the sport you participate in, so you can choose just how your template looks. We'll help you to demonstrate your sports skills with style!

What NCSA says...

"One of the most important tools for recruits is an online athletic resume. A well-constructed resume provides college coaches with valuable information about a student-athlete’s athletic accomplishments and their academic strengths. Coaches want detailed information that’s easy to access."

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From Varsity Edge...

 "A resume can be used to give to coaches you might come in contact with at tournaments, camps or clinics, tryouts, or showcases.... If you are going to an event, grab 30 resumes and keep them in the car. You never know when you will need to hand it out. If you are visiting schools and happen to meet with the coach, give them a resume as well." 

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