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Here's the start of Martin's college entrance essay (class of 2021). He had help from the College Essay Doc.

I plopped down on the living room couch with my father, and soon after a sigh of relief came from both of us. Our days had arrived at an end, and the Playstation 2 that rested under the TV was already waiting for us to brawl on Tekken. My 14-year-old self knew that my father’s victory was certain, but I was ready to fight him. 


As the ready screen popped up, the match began with my father coming strong right out of the gate. His offense came with great speed, forcing me to block each attack. My father continued his attacks until my defense shattered with the surprise leg sweep, and soon after my father won the first match. From that defeat, I saw the fault in my defense and came prepared by keeping an eye out for his sneaky lows. The second round started off exactly like the first, with my father’s impeccable offense. But this time I knew what to look for. The end of my father’s offense was approaching, and with that his signature leg sweep. As I checked the leg sweep, I watched as his character jumped only to bring his elbow down, knocking my character to the ground. The matches that followed had the same results: my father won by using all the options his character possessed until my mother pulled us away for dinner. My mother’s call signaled the end of all games; well, for that night at least....

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